Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Mask Guide


  270-degree visibility anti-fog lens


Woven logo strap with silicone to avoid slipping


Easy changeability


Clear dual-pane thermal optically correct lens


Those who are new to the amazing sport of paintball always feel overwhelmed even before they step on the battlefield. This is because the sport entails a lot. For instance, before stepping on the playing field a player must select a paintball gun and a paintball mask. A paintball mask is considered to be a critical accessory especially with regard to protection. This is why it is important for players, both new and seasoned alike to select high quality paintball masks like the Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask – Olive. The mask is an incredible product that offers all paintball enthusiasts out there a great time while playing their best sport.

This paintball mask has a number of salient features that make it stand out from the competition in the market, the notable features are as follows:

Weight – This reliable paintball mask weighs only 1 pound. This is a relatively light weight that most paintball players can easily handle on the playing field without it negatively affecting their performance. In addition, it makes the paintball mask portable as it can easily be carried around even if it is not being used.

Color – It has an attractive olive color that can also successfully act as camouflage especially in Woodsball type of paintball. This can greatly increase chances of achieving victory.

Lens – The Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask – Olive has a thermal optically correct lens that is very clear and also dual pane in construction. Then thermal optically correct feature helps in eliminating fogging effect and the dual pane feature functions to increase its longevity of the product.

The lens that is incorporated on the paintball mask can also be easily and quickly removed if need be. This is because it requires no tools and can therefore be done anywhere, the true definition of convenience.

Visibility – The anti-fog lens on this paintball mask is designed with a high visibility capability of up to 270 degrees. This significantly increases the field of view of players to give them an upper hand over the opponent in the battlefield. The better you can see the enemy, the better you can plan an attack and ultimately clinch victory.

Strap – It has a high quality woven logo strap that is fitted with silicone for the sole purpose of checking against slippage. This translates to better protection for the player and protection in any sport is always given the utmost priority.

Foam – This product features dual density foam that complements player comfort in the mask.

Construction – The Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask – Olive is constructed of hard and durable material that guarantees a long service life for consumers. This eliminates all possible future costs of repair or replacement. Without a doubt, this is an idea that is well received in such tough economic times.

Browser – It is designed with a browser (brow shield/visor combined). This is a handy feature to have while playing the exciting sport of paintball.

The Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles is a product with an array of fascinating features that promise player protection and a high level of play in the battlefield. This product can be bought on at a good price. Consumers are guaranteed of the product being genuine at and they may also enjoy some incredible offers that Amazon products are renowned for. Hurry while stocks last.