Paintball Mask Comparison

Picture Mask Price Range Rating Comments  
  Empire EVS Thermal  $$$$   Breathable and Comfort  
  HK Army Paintball KLR   $$$$   Great Smoke lenses  
  V-Force Grill  Mask $$$   Light And broad field view  
  JT Spectra Flex 8 Full $$   Fog resistant lens  
  Virtue VIO Ascend  $$$$  N/A Flexible Mask  
  VForce Profiler $$$   Siliconr Strap  
  Valken Annex MI-7  $$   Good But not for big heads  
  Empire X-Ray V2.1 $$$   Nice ventilation  
  Save Phace 2000032  $$   Foggy  
  FMA New Blcak Wire   $$   Nice looking Mask  
  Tippmann Valor FX  $$   Cool design  
  FMA New Wire Mesh $$$  N/A Comfortable cushion pads  
  Youtumall Full Face $$  N/A Adjustable size  
  Empire Helix Goggle $   Good For beginners  
  Invert Helix Thermal $   270 degrees visibility